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Ending the Year with a Bang!

Over 2014 I enjoyed wonderful Co-Counseling moments with my ongoing RC group in Enugu, Nigeria. On Friday, 19 December, we had an end-of-year class meeting with leaders from outside our Area.[1] It was indeed a bang![2] These leaders brought a fresh perceptive to what we had been learning. Marshall[3] handled the topic “Understanding and Appreciating RC for Beginners,” while Chineze[4] spoke on “Building Better Relationships Using RC as a Tool.”

This end-of-year event offered me an opportunity to review our progress. As Harvey Jackins observed,[5]I don’t think you can be a good counselor and think of only ‘giving someone a good session.’ By now, I think in terms of the future of this person.” Based on this premise we all agreed to give and receive good sessions, even outside the regular RC classes.

A highlight for me was leading a four-way leaders’ session on “Building a Sustainable RC Community.” We reviewed what was standing in our way of building RC Communities and seeing that they develop well. I feel assured that the Communities in Enugu and Awka will enjoy sustainable growth in 2015. I recommend such a deliberate session for every leader as this year comes to an end and in the early days of 2015. We are coming out re-emerged!

Kingsley Ibekwe
Enugu, Nigeria

[1] An Area is a local RC Community.
[2] “Bang” means spectacular event.
[3] Marshall Ifeanyi Chinaka, an RC leader in Enugu, Nigeria
[4] Chineze Obi-Okoye, an RC leader in Awka, Nigeria
[5] See “Being a Good Counselor” on page 18 of the January 2014 Present Time.


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