Emerging from a cocoon of loneliness,
Your wings are still sticky in the fresh air.

Afraid that the breeze warmed by the proximity of others
might distract you from your newfound freedom,
You get caught in desperate old struggles.
They push you toward: seeking comfort, attacking those
closest to you, or making you feel ugly, small, unseen.

You make the decision it is safe to feel but not believe these feelings.
You point your head into what feels like a gale.
You find the freeing wind of perspective gets stronger.

Your new wings dry.
The surprising joy of newfound flight insists: all is now well,
closeness is desirable and possible,
your heart can now be safely fully opened.

After all* you are a gorgeous butterfly now.

Chuck Esser
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 

* “After all” means despite what has occurred or been assumed previously.


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