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Climate Change & Climate Science
Diane Shisk &
Janet Kabue
January 20 & 21

Present Time No. 178

(Vol. 47, No. 1)  January 2015

That members of the RC Community work to become fully aware of the rapid and unceasing destruction of the living environment of the Earth. That we discharge on any distress that inhibits our becoming fully aware of this situation and taking all necessary actions to restore and preserve our environment

Distresses have driven people to use oppression against each other and carry out destructive policies against all of the world.  A full solution will require the ending of divisions between people and therefore the ending of all oppressions.

The restoration and preservation of the environment must take precedence over any group of humans having material advantage over others. We can and must recover from any distress that drives us to destroy the environment in our attempts to escape from never-ending feelings of needing more resource.

Table of Contents

Counseling Practice


Wide World Changing

Teaching, Leading, Community Building

RC on the Internet

  1. RC on the Internet: The RC Website
  2. RC on the Internet: How To Contact Us Online
  3. RC on the Internet: Online Fundamental Class
  4. RC on the Internet: United To End Racism
  5. RC on the Internet: No Limits for Women
  6. RC on the Internet: Sustaining All Life
  7. RC on the Internet: Electronic Mailing Lists


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