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Appreciating Present Time


Thank you for the wonderful gift of PRESENT TIME. I love it.

 Orna Shuman
Beit Shearim, Israel


I haven’t even finished reading the July 2014 PRESENT TIME but am moved to express my appreciation to every parent who wrote in “Teens, Drugs, Oppression, and Setting Limits.” And to Marya Axner (International Liberation Reference Person for Parents) for her piece entitled “We Can Figure This Out Together” that responds so supportively to all parents fighting to get close and stay close to their children. Thank you! And hooray for parents!

 Brian Lavendel
Madison, Wisconsin, USA


PRESENT TIME is terrific as usual and is resting in the bathroom, as usual. So many valuable articles, so much valuable information. How I got so lucky to be introduced to RC in 1974 I don’t know, but I ought to contact the person who told me about it. 

Pam Maccabee
Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA


Thanks for PRESENT TIME. It is a real treasure and a regular resource that is consistently useful for me.

Lotahn Raz
Haifa, Israel


I love reading the continuing articles from people like Dan Nickerson and Xabi Odriozola, as well as from new folks.

Isabel Auerbach
Rohnert Park, California, USA


PRESENT TIME is excellent. The quality just gets better and better. 

Diane Balser
 Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA


Thank you for one of humanity’s most precious publications.

Glenn Johnson
Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA

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