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My Goals for Elders 

(in no particular order)


• Work with lots of people on closeness, connection, and trust.

• Set up ongoing support groups.

• Work on elders’ oppression and elders’ internalized oppression.

• Figure out and share effective ways of interrupting elders’ oppression and internalized oppression.

• Update the Elders’ Draft Liberation Policy Statement.

• Build friendships and alliances with people under fifty.

• Work on feelings about death and dying.

• Be at the center of the RC Community.

• Plan an elders’ conference.

• Because personal health issues distract us, discharge on our health to help us reach other goals.



• Begin healthy aging early in life.

• Live a long, healthy, productive life (everyone).

• End elders’ oppression.



• End all oppression.

• Stop climate change and bring about* the flourishing of all of life.


What are your goals for elders’ liberation (no matter what your age)?

Pam Geyer
International Liberation
Reference Person for Elders
Bellaire, Texas, USA 

* “Bring about” means make happen.

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