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Racism and the Collapsing Society, Barbara Love and Tim Jackins, June 7, 2020

RC Webinars listing through July 2021

New Online Workshop Guidelines Modifications


RC Webinars


“RC Webinars” are RC classes led on Zoom by some of our leaders on important issues for the International Community.  They will be held monthly (now twice a month) and be one and a half to two hours long—with theory, mini-sessions (randomly assigned), and demonstrations of counseling. We anticipate a large audience and so they will not be very interactive (though people may submit questions via the chat box—the leader may or may not have time to answer).   

We will charge for the webinar, on a sliding scale from $0 to $25; they will be treated as a Regional Gather-in for financial accounting (Form 400A). Each webinar will have worked out a method for payment.  You must register and pay for each one separately through the webinar organizer, not through RCCR. 

You will need a Reference Person's approval to attend.

When possible the leader will offer the webinar twice on the same day, or in the same couple of days, once in the morning and once in the evening, to make it as accessible as possible for different time zones.  If not offered twice, Regions for whom the webinar was inaccessible can contact the leader and offer to organize a second time.

If a Community wants to organize interpreting for the webinar, we may extend the length a bit.  Please notify the organizer of the webinar in advance so that we may plan for interpreting.  

Registration for the webinars should be done through the Registration link rather than by emailing the organizer.

We’ve listed all times in east coast USA (EDT or EST—depending on whether it is daylight savings time [EDT] or standard time [EST]) and added the time in UTC.  If time zones are confusing to you and you want to convert to your time zone, I find this Time Zone Converter useful.  You can put in New York City (east coast USA) and then your city, and it will tell you the time the webinar will happen in your time zone.

Information for webinar organizers is found here.

We're still filling out the schedule, keep checking back.


October 17, "The IPCC Report, the Climate Emergency, and the RC Community”. The recently released IPCC Report gives us a clear picture of what we must do to avoid even more disastrous impacts from climate change. Look at what that means in your part of the world; come learn and discharge together.
Led by Diane Shisk and Janet Kabue. (Organizer--Bob Romero <>, Tech--Sparky Griego <>)
Time: 2 - 4 pm EDT, 6 - 8 pm GMT/UTC
Registration link:

November 14,  “How to lead great groups on the climate emergency without knowing very much—you can do it!” Hoping to prepare more people to lead groups on the climate emergency, especially as part of the Regional climate change focus happening early in 2022.
Led by Diane Shisk. (Organizer--Bob Romero <>, Tech--Sparky Griego <>)
Time: 12 - 2 pm EST,  5 - 7 pm GMT/UTC,
Registration link:

November ____ (ILRP) ???

December 19 “Report back on COP26,”
Led by Janet Kabue and Teresa Enrico (Tech--Sparky Griego <>)
Time: 12 - 2 pm EST, 5 - 7 pm GMT/UTC
Registration link:

December _____(ILRP) ???


January 8, "What We Can Do to End Capitalism Before It Destroys Us”
Led by Julian Weissglass
Times: SESSION 1: 10 AM - 12:30 PM PST, 1 PM - 4:30 PM EST, 6 PM – 8:30 PM GMT, January 9 5AM -5:30 AM AEST and SESSION 2 January 8, 4 PM - 6:30 PM PST, 7 PM - 9:30 PM EST, January 9, 12 AM – 2:30 PM GMT, 9AM – 11:30 AM JST, 11AM -1:30 PM AEST

January 15, "Agriculture and climate change."
Led by Eric Toensmeier
Times: 12 - 2 pm EST, 5 - 7 pm GMT/UTC
Registration link:

January 29, “Women and Physical Power,”
Led by Teresa Enrico, Sparky Griego, and Team
Times: 11 am EST and repeated at 7 pm EST

February 26, “Parenting teens," Marya Axner, 12 - 2 pm EST,

February 27, “Movement Building for the Climate Emergency,” Nina Eichner, Organizer: Jeremy Bloch, 12 - 2 pm EST,

March 12, “Facing what we must to take on the Climate Emergency,” Shani Fletcher, 12 - 2 pm EST

March 27, "Understanding Contemporary Issues on Jewish Liberation: Understanding the intersection of antisemitism and racism; Understanding the role of Israel and the politicization of antisemitism in the current period. This webinar is for both Jews and Allies,” Cherie Brown

April 16 or 17, “Indigenous People and the Climate Emergency,” Alison Ehara Brown and Isabella Zizi

April _____, “Allies to LGBTQ+,” Jeanne d’Arc and David Nijinsky

May 15, “Black People and the Climate Emergency,” Barbara Love

May _____, “Allies to Transgender People,” Jeanne d’Arc, David Nijinsky, and Homer Simpson

June 18, "Climate, Disability and ‘Vulnerability’,” Marsha Saxton, 11 am - 1 pm,

June _____, "The importance of Art in these times or Important role of art and artists,” Emily Feinstein

July 9, Native panel,  Marcie Rendon, Ayana Morse, Kate Insolia

July 16,  "Latin America and the Climate Emergency," Dulce Cisneros & Malinali Casteñeda Romero, 12 - 2 pm EDT,

August 20, "We Want to Live: Our Water, Art & Climate Justice Movements," AL Caballes, 12 - 2 pm EDT,

August 31, "Language Liberation,” P. Xabi Odriozola Ezeitza

September 17-18, "Just transition,” Tara Villalba & Joanie Parker

September 17-18, ‘War and Climate Change,” Azi Khalili & Nazish Riaz

October, "MHL for Everyone,” Jenny Martin

October 23, "Class, Climate, and Collapse," Seán Ruth, 11:00 am - I:00 pm EST,

November 2022, Climate Change in Africa, Janet Kabue

November 2022, Climate Change in the Pacific, Teresa Enrico

December 2022, “Allies to Chicanas/Chicanos, Lorenzo Garcia and Maria Franco


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