Climate Change Webinar Videos


Colonization & Racism in Africa:
Relevance to the Climate Emergency
Onii Nwangwu-Stevenson,
Wanjiku Kironyo,
Omodele Ibitoye &
Leonard Aboboyaya

An Introduction to the
Unified Goal on Climate:
Why This Goal is Important to Each of Us
Diane Shisk:
ICRP for Care of the Environment
Janet Kabue:
Apprentice ICRP
for Care of the Environment



 Class, Climate & Collapse
Seán Ruth:
ILRP for Middle-Class People


Just Transition
Tara Villalba
& Joanie Parker:
ILRP for Union Activists


Climate, Disability
and its Impact on Everyone
David Ruebain:
ILRP for People with Disabilities


Native Americans
Protecting the Earth, Water and Sky
Alison Ehara Brown
& Isabella Zizi


Facing What We Must to
Take on the Climate Emergency

Shani Fletcher
assisted by Rosie McInnes


Movement Building
for the Climate Emergency
Nina Eichner
& Davida Ginsberg


Agriculture and Climate Change
Eric Toensmeier


How to Lead Great Groups
on the Climate Emergency
without Knowing Very Much:
You Can Do It!
Diane Shisk:
ICRP for Care of the Environment


The IPCC Report,
the Climate Emergency,
and the RC Community
Diane Shisk:
ICRP for Care of the Environment


Upcoming Climate Change Webinars
Other Video Sources:
Sustaining All Life
Community Building
Our Work to End Racism & Genocide

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