(posted to RC Workshop Leaders and Organizers list serve)

December 5, 2023

Dear workshop leaders and organizers,

We believe we are overusing the Zoom recording function, exposing people attending our workshops to invasions of their privacy, but then rarely using the recordings. We think many of us think “I might as well record it and decide later if I will use the recording for anything.” But then we never take the time to review the recordings and turn them into useful clippings of our work.

Our current policy is to delete all recordings 30 days after the date of recording. But the very fact of recording using Zoom’s commercial application, whether to the cloud or hard disk, exposes people attending our workshop to violations of their privacy by Zoom. It may not be obvious what impact that could have on the individuals who attend.

Going forward, please don't choose to record a workshop or meeting unless the leader will actually be using the recording afterwards (for transcription or making into a distribution product as per RC Community Guideline J.3., Transcripts and Audio and Video Recordings of RC Workshops, or Classes, or RC Webinars).

Thank you.

With love,

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