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Jean Hamilton— International Liberation Reference Person for “Mental Health” Workers

“Mental Health” Workers

“Mental health” workers are a diverse group. We are social workers, “mental health” counselors and therapists, addiction counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and others. We work in agencies, non-profit organizations, most institutions, and private practice. We help people regain their full intelligence and functioning.

RC “mental health” workers are found worldwide. Our work may look and be different depending on our circumstances, including where we live, but at heart it is all “mental health” liberation work. We help people recover their ability to discharge and re-evaluate so they can become better able to think, decide, and take action, including action in the broader society. None of the big issues humanity faces—environmental degradation, climate change, conflicts, war, oppression—can be resolved without discharge.

Re-evaluation Counseling theory is the same as “mental health” liberation theory. As RC “mental health” workers, we teach RC. We teach it to our clients and our colleagues. We are in a good position to do this, as we are in contact with people who are eager to learn what we know.

Like all RCers, we “mental health” workers are challenged to make optimal use of the discharge and re-evaluation process for our own re-emergence. We are not going to be able to effectively communicate what we know to be true about humans unless we keep using RC theory and practice for ourselves on a regular basis. This includes looking at and discharging about the oppressive aspects of the work we do.

Another challenge for us, and for everyone, is taking a stand against the use of psychiatric drugs—which are being promoted more and more, and to younger and younger humans, as society collapses.

Discharging early defeats and discouragements will continue to be vital in our successfully communicating RC to others. Being hopeful (even taking a direction of hopefulness) goes a long way in motivating others to take action for change.

We need minds that are able to think—about eliminating racism and ending class societies, climate change, war, and all oppression and mistreatment of humans. We need minds that can lead, take correct stands and decisive action, and encourage others to do the same. This is the opportunity and challenge before us as “mental health” workers.

I have been encouraging my constituency to take RC theory and practice to other groups in addition to those in the “mental health” field. Organizations fighting against global injustice and inequity want and need our perspective and experience. We can model using the discharge process, setting goals, and building community around us.

In this next period I intend to put myself in situations in which I can share what I know, lead by example, and encourage discharge. I have already been doing this for several years with regard to educational change, educational equity, and ending racism. My goal is to assist other “mental health” workers to do the same.

Jean Hamilton

International Liberation Reference Person for “Mental Health” Workers

Palo Alto, California, USA

(Present Time 188, July 2017)

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