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October 7 or
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September 17-23


Jo Saunders— International Liberation Reference Person for Owning-Class People

Owning-Class People

In RC we have a strong core of owning-class people who are committed to owning-class work while continuing to find it difficult to divest and reach for the owning class in the wide world.

Owning-class RCers targeted by racism are getting closer to each other and facing how they have been used by the white owning class as agents of colonial oppression.

Owning-class Jews are increasingly able to discharge class oppressor material in company with owning-class Gentiles. This is a big step forward. In the last period Cherie Brown, the International Liberation Reference Person for Jews, and I led a large Jewish owning-class workshop that was joyous and powerful and a big contradiction to what is happening in the wide world.

Ali Bourne plays a significant role in leading the owning-class constituency and is an enormous support for me.

As capitalism collapses worldwide, the owning class is going to greater and greater lengths to protect its wealth, not the least by acting out blatant anti-Jewish oppression and institutionalised racism. Owning-class RCers are determinedly holding out the twofold reality of (1) the destructiveness of owning-class behaviour and (2) owning-class people being as human and good as anyone else. We are figuring out how to work with non-RCers who are attempting to do the same—learning from them and sharing what we know. A real alliance, although small, is afoot!

Jo Saunders

International Liberation Reference Person for Owning-Class People

Winchester, Hants, England

(Present Time 188, July 2017)

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