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Pam Roby—International Liberation Reference Person for College and University Faculty

I love teaching at University of California in Santa Cruz (USA), which is about an hour from here. I’d like all college and university faculty, past and present, to stand or raise your hands. (clapping) Francie Chew and Cherie Brown and David Nijinsky are also faculty but could not be here—they had to go back home for their teaching responsibilities.

Higher education, like all institutions in our capitalist society, is oppressive in many ways. It helps maintain and perpetuate societal oppression. However, we faculty have a unique opportunity to be liberation leaders.

At recent faculty liberation workshops I asked each the seventy-five people to speak to how we have used Re-evaluation Counseling in our work. There were many responses. I will highlight three of them: (1) At the beginning of our classes we let our students know that they all have genius-sized intelligences, that they are brilliant, that we know that. (2) We use mini-sessions so that students can use their intelligences to think about what is being said in the classroom. (3) We discharge in Co-Counseling sessions as faculty so we can free our flexible intelligences to think about our students and about sharing what we know.

I’m incredibly proud of the people who spoke today. Their minds are brilliant. We have benefited tremendously from their leadership. I want every thought, every idea, every action of these leaders and other RC leaders to get out everywhere in the world, to everyone.


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