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Azi Khalili:                 SAL Online Event Saturday, September 24

Mental Health Liberation for Everyone: Webinar    Sunday, October 2

Class, Climate & Collapse: Webinar            Sunday, October 23

Upcoming Webinars

H.6 RC Classes, Programs, and Workshops Conducted Outside of the RC Community

The requirement to pay 10% of total income before any expenses to the Community Service Fund of RCCR also applies to classes, programs, and workshops whose basic content is RC and that are led by members of the RC Community, but that are conducted outside of the RC Community. (See Guidelines H.4., Class and Area Workshops and Daylong Playdays, and I.2., Activities Outside the RC Community.)


All events at which we use or share RC concepts benefit from the work of the RC Community and should support the Community. This includes, but is not limited to, events in which we use the terms “Re-evaluation Counseling,” “RC,” “United to End Racism,” “No Limits for Women,” “Sustaining All Life,” and “Jews and Allies United to End Anti-Semitism.”

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