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I.2. Activities Outside the RC Community

“Going Public” Projects

The Regional Reference Person (RRP) or International Liberation or Commonality Reference Person (ILRP or ICRP), in consultation with the International Reference Person (IRP), must approve presentations of Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) given outside the RC Community that use the name “Re-evaluation Counseling” or the term “RC.”

RC projects outside of the RC Community for ending racism and for women’s liberation, care of the environment, and Jewish liberation are to be done under the following names: United to End Racism (UER), No Limits for Women (No Limits), Sustaining All Life (SAL), and Jews and Allies United to End Anti-Semitism. These projects require the agreement of the RRP, in consultation with the IRP.

The no-socializing policy applies to Co-Counseling relationships formed through these projects and can help us think about the people we meet.

Writing about RC

Authors who write about RC for distribution outside of the RC Community are encouraged to discuss their projects with their RRP. This includes if they write on any electronic media, such as websites, blogs, discussion lists, and online communities (see Guideline M.3., Electronic Communications). This also includes academic research and academic writings, published and unpublished.

Reprinting an article published by Rational Island Publishers (RIP) outside of the RC Community requires permission from RIP.


This will help ensure the consistent and thoughtful presentation of RC. When RCers are part of “going public” delegations, they are teaching and spreading RC, not building social relationships.

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