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Women Reclaiming Our Physical Power
Teresa Enrico
September 30 or
October 1

September 17-23

RC Webinar

Knowing our International Liberation Reference People (ILRP)
and International Commonality Reference People (ICRP)

Jenny Martin:  “Mental Health” Liberation

Marilyn Robb:  Educational Change

Marya Axner:  Parents

Chuck Esser:  Family Work

Emily Feinstein:  Artists

Heather Hay:  Musicians

Dvora Slavin:  Eliminating White Racism

Julian Weissglass:  Transformation of Society

Diane Shisk & Janet Kabue:  Care of the Environment


Saturday, March 2

5 - 8pm  PDT/Seattle

Sunday, March 3

8 - 11am  PDT/Seattle

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The ILRP’s and ICRP’s in RC are pioneers in liberation work. Each has developed over years of work an in-depth understanding about the key issues for their group.  Come to a unique RC Webinar featuring 8 to 10 of our ILRP/ ICRP leaders.  The session will start with a short panel and each ILRP/ ICRP will have a few minutes to speak about the key issues for their group.

Following the panel, there will be two 45-minute breakout sessions.  Each of the 8-10 ILRP/ ICRP’s will be in a different Zoom room, offering a mini-workshop on their liberation issues. Each webinar participant will be able to attend two of these.  Come learn about the powerful liberation work being done by all of our ILRPs and ICRPs.

📋 Organizer: MaryRuth Gross


Fee: $0 - $50 USD

We understand that oppression makes access to money unequal. Pay only what you can. Paying $0 is fine. If you can pay, most of your fee will help the work that RCCR does to support our International community. 

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This event may be recorded on Zoom by the organizer or by someone who is unauthorized.  Organizers are asked to announce whether they will record the webinar. If you wish to be considered to be in a panel or demonstration that is recorded, you must read and agree to this statement.

I have been advised:

  1. That this RC event may be recorded on Zoom,
  2. That I am not required to appear or speak in the meeting,
  3. That I have the option of turning off my camera and only using my first name or alias on the screen so that my image and full name will not appear on any video,
  4. That if a recording is made by the organizers, it may be distributed within the RC Community or posted to one of the RC websites,
  5. That if I choose to participate in an identifiable way by speaking during the webinar, using my full name, or being part of a demonstration or panel, that I authorize the use of any recording as described in #4,
  6. I understand that it is possible that a video (as with anything appearing on the internet) could be used for purposes not authorized by or under the control of the RC Community.