Introducing the Unified Goal on the Climate

From a talk by Tim Jackins at the World Conference

I’m going to describe the proposed new Unified Goal on the Climate [see page 11 of Present Time No. 209] and ask you to support its adoption. 

This is a unified goal on the climate. Because of the exceptional, unprecedented situation that exists today, I wanted to change once again the way we use our Goals. 

My intent is that this Goal become our primary Goal for the next four years—because what happens in the next four years will significantly affect the quality of life for our children and grandchildren. 

This Goal does not make our other Goals less important. Indeed, it clarifies their importance. We cannot achieve any Goal on the climate without working just as hard on all of our other Goals. So the Unified Goal on the Climate is structured in this form: First, the central Goal on the Climate and the reason for it are stated. Then, in the following sections the Goal on the Climate is interwoven with accomplishing all of our other Goals. I do want you to read the whole Unified Goal carefully.

This Goal has its own unique structure compared to our other Goals. It is a big undertaking that we are proposing, and many of us have worked hard to state this Goal as well as we could.

(Present Time 209, October 2022)

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