Building RC by Bringing in People We Are Close To

We have taught a number of fundamentals classes in our Area over several years, but people have not continued after fundamentals. Our Community is not growing.

I’ve heard Tim Jackins say that RC can grow best by bringing in, one at a time, people with whom we have close relationships. Being in a close relationship is what makes it possible for someone to fully access the discharge process and at some point become a Community member. If each of us brought in one person every year, our numbers would double each year.

Our Community is testing the above strategy. We are forming small teams in which we think and discharge about whom to bring into RC and what we need to work on for that to go well. We will spend a few months in these groups. After that we hope to start some new classes (which may differ from traditional fundamentals classes) and also do some one-on-one teaching.

We would love to hear from other Communities. Here are some questions:

  • Have you tried anything like this? How has it worked? What have you learned? Has this, or anything else, “jump started” your Community’s growth?
  • Have people taught one-on-one? How did it work?
  • How does teaching one-on-one compare with having people in classes?
  • Have you ever had the same number of experienced Co-Counselors as new people in a class? How did that work?

Eric Braxton

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Reprinted from the e-mail discussion
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