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Some Thoughts for Allies to Jews

Here are some things Cherie Brown[1] said at a recent Jews and Allies Workshop in Sydney (New South Wales, Australia):

  • To ask, “Was that behaviour anti-Jewish?” is to ask the wrong question. Ask instead, “What was the impact of my behaviour?”
  • Making mistakes can be evolutionary. We know from the theory of evolution that mistakes can be good for the survival of the species.
  • Don’t confuse anti-Jewish oppression with other kinds of oppression. It is a mistaken belief that Gentiles reciting Jewish prayers or singing Jewish songs is somehow appropriating Jewish culture and therefore oppressive. It is a huge contradiction[2] for Jews when Gentiles can understand and articulate Jewish culture. This is because of the enforced invisibility of Jews, Jewish culture, and anti-Jewish oppression.
  • The biggest thing one can do as an ally to Jews is to just show up.[3] It is only when we, the allies, show up that the work of ending anti-Jewish oppression can really begin.

Bruce Clezy
Northcote, Victoria, Australia
Reprinted from the newsletter
of the Melbourne, Victoria,
Australia, RC Community

[1] Cherie Brown is the International Liberation Reference Person for Jews.
[2] Contradiction to distress
[3] “Show up” means be present.


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