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October 7 or
October 8

September 17-23

I Love This Planet
More Than You Know . . .

I love this planet more than you know
Even while crying ’cause1 I stump2 my toe
On the roots of the old oak tree.

I love this planet more than you know
Even when young and drawing water from the well 
Worried I’d surely fall in and down to hell.

Poke Sally3 berry mud pies for free. 
Terrified mom thinks it’s blood she sees.
(Didn’t do that again!)

So many trees—pecan, apple, pear and peach.
Grandparents left all within reach.

Wasps cruise looking for a place to land.
Why oh why was it on my hand?

Dad quickly applies leaves and grass.
No more pain. Surprise! I went on with my task.

I love this planet more than you know.
I remember when a tree was my beau.4

Strange you may think but keep in mind
Love one tree and you love all mankind.

I love the drumbeat on the roof of rain
And that anything can become a game.

Race you to the farthest stand of trees?
Who can count the most bumblebees?

What’s your favorite cloud in the sky?
Guess the berries mom puts in the pie.

Follow the ant that leaves this hill.
How long can you lie completely still
With a fly on your nose?

I love this planet more than you know.
I awake with a sense of eagerness to roam
Far and wide on this planet that’s our home.


Marion Ouphouet
Seattle, Washington, USA

1 "Cause" means because. 
2 “Stump” means stubbed, accidentally struck against something.
3 Poke sallet
4 “Beau” means boyfriend.


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