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I Am Iranian

My name is Afsaneh Sharif. I am a pioneer (of RC) in Iran. I'd like to share some information about myself, my background, and my people, and some ideas about my country.

I am an Iranian, and my great grandparents were Iranian. This I am proud of. I was born in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. It is a crowded, busy, and polluted city, but it is alive and lovely. All of the nature and the cities of Iran are beautiful.

Our ancestors had Indian-European roots. They were tall and white. They called themselves Aryan. Aryan people were divided in two groups. One group went toward the east (India) and the other went toward the west (Iran). They formed two different peoples called Hendovie and Parsi. Now we are known to the world as Persian. The majority of our people are Muslim. Compared to the past, women's situation here has changed a lot. We are at the same level as men now. We participate in all activities.

RC was introduced here in 1993. I am doing my best to expand it. At the moment, we are a small Community of about sixty people. We are very happy and active.

I love my culture, and I am sure all Iranians do. My message to the Iranians all over the world (for after the earlier revolutions many Iranians emigrated to other countries) is to never, never forget your culture. Our old Eastern cultures are among the most sensitive cultures in the world. It would be a pity to give them up. Try to preserve our culture and teach it to others in love and wisdom.

I cannot believe that anyone who trades in his or her culture for another culture will ever be happy.

Afsaneh Sharif
Tehran, Iran

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