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Racism and the Collapsing Society, Barbara Love and Tim Jackins, June 7, 2020

RC Webinars listing through July 2021

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Some RC Articles about Climate Change

The Impact of the Climate Crisis on Indigenous People, Black People and 
Pacific Islanders
, Darlene Daniels, Barbara Love, Teresa Enrico, October 2021

Taking Action to End the Climate Emergency, Diane Shisk, October 2021

Ending Racism and Classism in the Climate Movement, Olivia Vincenti, January 2021

An Unprecedented Opportunity, Barbara Love & Tim Jackins, July 2020

Organizing to Have a Decisive Impact, Diane Shisk, July 2020

The Climate Emergency, Diane Shisk, April 2020

Slavery, Colonization, Genocide--and Climate Change, Eric Toesnmeier, April 2020

Climate Change is Happening to You, Marcie Rendon, January 2020

The Time is Now--Follow Young People, Jenny Sazama, January 2020

Speaking out at a Climate Event as a Worker, Jess Loborio, January 2020

An Emergency, and New Opportunities, by Tim Jackins, October 2019

Climate Change, and Who We Are, by Marion Ouphouet, October 2019

The Significance of Music, by Heather Hay, October 2019

A Call to Unity: Standing Together for Climate Action, by Diane Shisk and Barbara Love, October 2019

Young People, Activism, and Climate Change, by Jenny Sazama, July 2019

Global Problem, Global Solution—the Role of the United States in the Climate Emergency, by Diane Shisk, July 2019

Taking a Needed Initiative, by Tim Jackins, April 2019

Facing the Climate Emergency, by Bess Herbert, April 2019

Supporting Youth to Take Action on Climate Change, by Brian Lavendel, April 2019

Fully Engaging with the Climate Crisis, by Diane Shisk, April 2019

Climate Change, Capitalism, Movement Building and RC, by Eric Braxton, April 2019

Listening, and Working on Oppressor Distress, by Dulce Cisneros

Racism, Internalized Racism, and Climate Change, by Barbara Love, January 2019

A Climate Moment in Every RC Class, by Russ Vernon-Jones, January 2019

The Disproportionate Impacts of Climate Change, by Diane Shisk, January 2019

The California Wildfires, by Anonymous Mom, January 2019

Taking a Big Step, by Caroline New, January 2019

An Introduction to Climate Change, by Diane Shisk, October 2018

Facing the Seriousness of Climate Change, Diane Shisk, October 2018

Science of Climate Change, multimedia outline, by Diane Shisk, October 2018

Standing Up to Fracking in the North of England, by Sheena Mooney, October 2018

Becoming Warriors for Climate and Economic Justice, by David Ratzlow, October 2018

Resources for Increasing Our Awareness about Climate Change, by Diane Shisk, October 2018

Climate Change and "Mental Health" Liberation, by Russ Vernon-Jones, October 2018

Bringing Our Strengths as RCers to the Movement to Stop Climate Change, by Diane Shisk, July 2018

Preparing to Play a Key Role in Transforming Society, by Irene Shen, Jenny Sazama, Eric Braxton, and Diane Shisk, April 2018

Sustaining All Life at COP23, in Bonn, Germany, Teresa Enrico and Wytske Visser, January 2018

A Good Experience with Civil Disobedience, Russ Vernon-Jones, January 2018

What to Do in the Current Situation, by Diane Shisk, October 2017

Climate Change and RC, by Tim Jackins and Diane Shisk, April 2017

The Present Conditions and Tasks, by Tim Jackins, January 2017

Why We Prioritize Addressing Climate Change, by Diane Shisk and Tim Jackins, June 2016 (updated March 2019)

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