Fundamentals of Co-Counseling Manual

(Elementary Counselors Manual)

For Beginning Classes in Re-Evaluation Counseling

Fifth Revised Edition, 2012

— Harvey Jackins

Becoming A Counselor

The Origin of Troubles

Inherent Healing Processes

Discharge Indications and Sequence Chart

How To Begin

Things Not To Do

What Re-evaluation Consists Of

Spectrum of Techniques

Present Time Techniques

Remembering Techniques

Thorough Discharge Techniques

Overcoming Patterns Which Inhibit Discharge

Goals of the Counselor

Counseling First-Aid on Injuries

Advanced Counseling

No Socializing

M.1. Co-Counseling Relationships

The Art of Being a Client

The Key Concepts and Insights of Re-evaluation Counseling to Date

The Art of Listening



This edition of the Fundamentals Manual contains significant changes to the No Socializing section. Our Policy has not changed. Rather, these changes were made to clarify the purpose of that section, and to more fully explain our understanding of the issues that link distresses and relationships.

— Tim Jackins 2012


This is the Fourth Revised Edition of the English language version of the Fundamentals of Co-Counseling Manual. It contains significant additions to the theory of Re-evaluation Counseling, developed since the Manual was first written. A section was added in the Third Revised Edition in 1982. This section has been rewritten and additional theory has been included in it from Harvey Jackins’ report to the 1981 World Conference. (The reports are printed in full in The Reclaiming of Power.) Harvey had planned on including this material.

A thorough re-writing of the Fundamentals Manual has been considered but is still being debated, so that decision must be delayed for at least another year.

The Manual is now also available in Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Finnish, Indonesian, Japanese, Kannada, Kiswahili, Lithuanian, Russian, Shona, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, and Telugu.

— Tim Jackins February 2001


On this occasion of the umpteenth printing of the English language version of the Fundamentals Manual the question arises of whether to do a thorough revision of the text in the light of our growing knowledge, wider perspectives, and vastly expanded experiences of Re-evaluation Counseling in many cultures. Certainly each Fundamentals student deserves, for example, to be told (as we could say clearly earlier) that his or her skill as a counselor is a function not only of his or her progress as a client, and integration of the theory into life, but also of a decision and commitment to achieve the client’s re-emergence.

The decision is not to drastically revise, however, at least not at this time. The material in the Manual is so trim and workable that every beginning Co-Counselor should be exposed to it. What I have done, instead, in order to give new Co-Counselors early exposure to some of the current viewpoints of basic theory is to add, on pages 43-54, the portions of the main report to the 1981 World Conference dealing with fundamental theory, and a “fresh look” summary presented to a “new audience” in November of 1981.

The Manual is now available also in Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Kannada, Swedish, and Telegu translations.

— Harvey Jackins April 1982


This edition has been revised to eliminate the use of the masculine gender pronouns as if they were the common gender, a usage that has, in the last few years, come to be understood as sexist and discriminatory.

— Harvey Jackins September 1975


This Manual is the “workhorse” of Re-evaluation Counseling literature. Many thousands of today’s Co-Counselors began their Co-Counseling in elementary classes with this Manual as their textbook. It is still without peer as an explicit guide to the basic business of making counseling work.

This revised edition includes a number of refinements in language and some small additions. The sturdier binding

will be welcomed by those Co-Counselors who have “worn out” their copies of the original edition.

— Harvey Jackins December 1970

Copyright 1971 by Personal Counselors Inc.
Seattle, Washington

Printed in "Fundamentals of Co-Counseling Manual", Third Revised Edition, 1982

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