It’s not difficult to be a Re-evaluation Counselor, and yet in a way it’s very difficult.

What you’ll have to do will be a fairly simple matter, once the theory and practice is under- stood, and yet doing it will often be complicated.

What It Consists Of

What you will be doing is assisting another person to become free of rigid patterns of behaving and feeling which have been left upon him or her by experiences of being hurt in the past. The only serious and persistent difficulties in your way will be the rigid patterns which have been left upon you.


You and the client whom you are going to help will team up together. The client will use his or her flexible, non-rigid thinking.

With some very precise assistance from you, your client will become able to discharge, release and be freed of stored up tensions which have held his or her patterns of hurt in place, and then think through the experiences of hurt until she makes complete sense of them. Then the experience will no longer affect her in rigid or compelling ways, but only as if they were ordinary memories of ordinary living.

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