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The Co-Counseling relationship offers a unique opportunity to move toward total re-emergence from distress recordings.

In general, Co-Counselors are not to socialize with other Co-Counselors unless they had an established relationship before they began Re-evaluation Counseling (RC). Meetings of Co-Counselors must be organized primarily for discharge, re-evaluation, and group counseling activity. Eating food or participating in any other activity together is only to support this main purpose.

People who want to learn to Co-Counsel should be informed of the no-socializing policy and supported to discharge and think about it. The policy should be discussed in fundamentals classes. People who join those classes are required to follow the no-socializing policy while working to develop their own thinking about it. We should tell people who have learned Co-Counseling and want to become members of the RC Community that following the no-socializing policy is a requirement of Community membership.

Co-Counselors will not be recommended for RC leadership or certified as RC teachers unless they have clearly accepted the no-socializing policy. Co-Counselors who are not yet able to follow the no-socializing policy disqualify themselves from teaching or leading RC. The Regional Reference Person (RRP), consulting with local leadership, decides if a Co-Counselor who persists in violating this policy may continue to participate in Co-Counseling events.

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