"Kind" of Painful Emotion Tension   Manifestation During Discharge
Zest (absence of Painful Emotion) Happy relaxation, turning of attention away from experience of hurt.
Boredom Laughter
Animated Talking
Reluctant Talking
Light Angers Laughter, warm perspiration
Heavy Angers Angry noises, violent movements, warm perspiration
Light Fears (Embarrassments) Laughter, cold perspiration
Heavy Fears Trembling, shivering, cold perspiration, active kidneys
Griefs Tears, sobbing
Physical Pains and Tensions   Yawns, stretching, scratching.


The client will begin substantial discharge as close to the bottom of the painful emotion part of this chart as the tensions exist in that particular pattern and/or as he is able to discharge and will then tend to move upward on the chart as regularly as his particular discharge-inhibiting patterns permit.

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