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It’s raining quite hard here this morning. It’s near the end of the summer monsoon season. The rain is nice because it dissipates the heat.

RC in Korea is progressing. Molly HyoJung Bidol continues to teach a fundamentals class that just finished its sixteenth week. I am continually amazed and delighted by the theory of RC and how new people take it on* and understand it. Teaching RC here confirms once again that because RC theory is based on humanness, it is understood regardless of “cultural” differences. There are also many challenges: translation, people feeling they don’t have enough time to come to class or to Co-Counsel outside of class, and people having difficulty grasping that RC is not “therapy” but a lifelong process and tool.

I have been teaching a weekly ongoing class that includes HyoJung, Larry Chang (her partner), and Katrina Lim (a Korean Canadian living in Seoul). Last night I talked about hope. It was a good class. We’ve also decided to read and discharge on the latest version of the Guidelines. We find the recent version much more user-friendly and accessible.

I love being in Korea and love my people tremendously. I’m happy and alive here in a way that had been harder for me in the United States. I also see how much my people struggle and how much they need RC. I’ve read what Harvey wrote in The List about “How to begin RC in a new location or with new people.” It’s good and has triggered thoughts in my brain.

HyoSung Bidol
Seoul, Korea

 *  Take it on means adopt it. 

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