Teaching Friends RC

Such great questions, Eric! [See the article Building RC by Bringing in People We Are Close To by Eric Braxton.]

All the friends I’ve taught RC to have first discharged with me. I’ve offered perspective and at moments I’ve counseled them. Then I’ve always brought them into a class—one that I’m teaching, assisting in, or have thought carefully about.

I’ve counseled with them at least semi-regularly. I’ve also made sure (in general, but especially when they’ve missed class) that I increase our outside-of-RC contact, so it’s clear that I want the relationship for me, not just so they will do Co-Counseling.

Classes are useful, as people can connect to others, learn how to client and counsel, develop Co-Counseling relationships, and so on. But I start with a significant amount of one-on-one teaching so that when people come to a class, they really want it!

It’s great having experienced people in the class. But since they likely already have a full schedule of sessions, there needs to be enough new people that the new people can have sessions with each other. I’ve found that experienced people love counseling with the newer folks but that each new person also needs to counsel weekly with at least one other new person.

Tresa Elguera

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Reprinted from the e-mail discussion
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