I was twenty years old when I read The Human Side of Human Beings for the first time. I had read a lot growing up, but the way Harvey's intelligence came through in this book made me feel connected to people in a way I hadn't before and to a vision for humanity that I wanted to work for on a long-term basis. Twenty-four years later that vision is just as fresh and relevant as it was then.

I corresponded with Harvey over several decades. A few times a year I wrote him letters about what was going well in my life, about difficulties, thoughts, questions, etc. I looked forward to receiving his carefully-typed replies on the familiar RC stationary and often found them waiting for me when I came home from work. This personal relationship and unfailing encouragement made a great difference to me, and I still have all the letters.

I remember when Harvey led an RC workshop for people of Arab heritage in a small town in the mountains of Cyprus, an island nation off the coast of Turkey and Syria. I remember him giving an introductory lecture and taking the time to have everything translated into Arabic, a language that felt like home and family to me. He went to such great lengths to reach people in every corner of the world and to support us all in our liberation.

Thank you, Harvey.

Victor Nicassio
Los Angeles, California, USA

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