Resources for preparation of UER RC Community gather-ins/workshops:


  • The Role of White People in Ending Racism — DVD and CD, a talk by Tim at the UN World Conference
  • Challenging the Limits of Internalized Racism — CD, Barbara Love
  • Moving Toward Liberation — DVD, reports from the International Liberation Reference People
  • United to End Racism in Durban — DVD of some of the experiences of UER at the UN World Conference
  • Reaching New People with our Work to End Racism — DVD of segments of UER workshops at the UN World Conference
  • The Ending of Racism — DVD interviews
  • Eliminating White Racism Now — DVD, Tim Jackins
  • Eliminating White Racism — CD, Tim Jackins
  • 2007 White People Continuing to Move Against Racism – CD, Tim Jackins
  • 2005 Ourselves and Our Society – CD, Tim Jackins
  • White People Eliminating Racism, 4 CD set, Tim Jackins
  • Harvey Jackin's DVDs on racism — Breaking Free from Racism, very good resource; Discharging the Patterns of White Racism and People of Color and Black People Panel, good resources on our early work on racism (from the '70s)

Publications :

  • Understanding and Healing the Effects of Internalized Racism — Barbara Love
  • Working Together to End Racism: Healing from the Damage Caused by Racism — Tim Jackins and others
  • United to End Racism and the United Nations World Conference Against Racism: Durban, South Africa, August 2001
  • Aboriginal Australians Healing the Hurts of Racism — Kerrie Tim
  • The Liberation of Asians — Cheng Imm Tan
  • UER flyers (see web site)
  • Journals — Pensamientos, Black Re-emergence, Our Asian Inheritance, Heritage, Shuruk

Resources for use in UER going public events:

  • UER pamphlets and informational sheets, including How to Begin RC which includes how to do a session, how to lead a support group, etc. (posted at web site). We have versions in many languages other than English UER flyer (posted at web site), with information you must add about contacting the local community on the bottom of back page, or colored half page stapled to it that, and dates of fundamentals classes, support groups, etc., which gives contacts names, phone numbers, emails
  • An Introduction to Co-Counseling by Dan Nickerson
  • Basic literature — Human Side of Human Beings; Fundamentals Manual; The Human Situation

These publications and videos can be ordered from the Rational Island Publishers website.

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