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Climate Change & Climate Science
Diane Shisk &
Janet Kabue
January 20 & 21

Racism and Climate Change Workshop Outline: 

Eunice Torres


In our workshop as a team we will share our perspective on current environmental issues and how using the tools of RE-Evaluation Counseling to free ourselves and others from emotional hurts that has interfered with our thinking and functioning, and with our being completely connected to each other, and the world.  The workshop will be interactive, we will give participants the chance to share their experience and be listened to.

Overview of Workshop

We have been hurt badly by the damaging and divisive effects that racism has had on everyone.  Understanding and healing the effects of racism on us as individuals is a necessary in creating movement that can sustain all life and restore the environment.

10 Minutes talk about the land we are on, introduce my self the workshop team, and UER/SAL.  I will talk about Language Liberation, interpreting, one minute of silence after ever 20 minutes.  I will give a description of our goals for the workshop and what we will do.  I will give a brief description of RC, UER/SAL, and RC work on environment and Racism.

10 Minutes Mini Session – 2 minutes each way

I will introduce the basic tools of RC/UER/SAL. I will explain the role of the listener and speaker and the healing effects of being listened to.

25 Minutes I will introduce the Panel and describe what they will speak about. Each Speaker will describe

  1. Their Race/ethnicity as part of their background experience in doing this work.
  2. Each will do a sentence or two about how racism and Climate Change has affected their people.
  3. Each will tell how they have used RC in eliminating the effects of Racism, in their lives, in their organization, etc.

10 minutes to take questions

10 minutes Maybe we will do a demonstration with a participant (4 min) with a POC and a White person.

5 Minutes 2 minute mini session



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