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Reclaiming Our Intelligence
Marilyn Robb

November 11 & 12

Knowing our

December 2 & 3

An Approximation, Continually Changing

What we call RC is the best approximation we have reached, so far, of reality in the area of the distress pattern, where the oppressive society has offered unreality. All the things that we treasure so as RC knowledge—the real nature of human beings, the role of distress recordings, the role of discharge—are actually just the best approximation we’ve reached, so far, of reality in this area in which unreality has dominated for a long time. . . .

What individual RCers sometimes treat as a cult or magic information is simply the best approximation that a group of accidentally interested but dedicated people have been able to reach in thinking through the mess of unreality with which human affairs have been covered. It is but an approximation, and it’s continually changing.

Harvey Jackins

From pages 109 to 110 of “A Favorable Situation
for Reaching Out,” in Start Over Every Morning

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