Appreciating Present Time

Thanks for PRESENT TIME. I love reading it all the way through and taking responsibility for getting it to the people in the Leicester Area (in England) and others who are not in organised Areas.

Anthony Guy Simmons
Leicester, England


Dear Tim,*

Thanks for the latest PRESENT TIME! It arrived today and is packed with great articles. Could I have permission to copy your article “Reaching Across the Line Drawn by Racism” for my Area workshop tomorrow?

Hao-Li Tai Loh
Merion Station, Pennsylvania, USA

* Tim Jackins


I not only immensely enjoy the publication but also derive a great deal of healing and inspiration from it.

Tala Jalili
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Thanks for getting the most valuable literature out into the world.

Trevor Whitton
Flemington, Victoria, Australia


PRESENT TIME is a veritable cornucopia of encouraging information, good thinking, and contradictions to daily distress.

Penny Ives
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


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