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“Today Is My Thirty-First Birthday”

Today is my thirty-first birthday, which means that I’m no longer a young adult in Co-Counseling. Somehow the outside world doesn’t seem to understand why I care so much about my thirty-first birthday!

I’ve gotten some sweet sessions in the last period about how much it has meant to me to do young adult liberation work over the last ten years. It has been the place in Co-Counseling where I’ve been most able to tell1 that together we will change everything. We will end oppression, we will create the conditions to fully heal from our biggest early hurts, we will use our minds together to tackle the world’s challenges, and we will sing and dance while we do it. Because of young adult liberation work, I don’t plan to give up on any of my dreams for my life or for the world. And some of the people I feel closest to are other Co-Counselors with whom I’ve gotten to do this work. I’m grateful to have them in my life.

I’m also grateful for three amazing women who led RC young adults worldwide during my time: Ellie Brown, Anna Van Heeswijk, and Emily Bloch.2 Their leadership and example were important to me as I tried to construct a picture of reality that made any sense to me as a young adult in this world.

I’m looking forward to backing3 you, Emily and other young adult leaders, as you take on4 the biggest challenges you can imagine, in RC and in the world. I wish you all the very best as you build the most powerful group of young adults the world has ever known. And if you ever doubt yourselves or feel tempted to settle or give up, even just a little bit, call me and others who are aging out.5 We are with you!

Nat Lippert
Portland, Maine, USA
Reprinted from the RC
e-mail discussion list for
leaders of young adults

1 “Tell” means see.
2 Ellie Brown and Anna Van Heeswijk are former International Liberation Reference Persons for Young Adults, and Emily Bloch is the current International Liberation Reference Person.
3 “Backing” means supporting.
4 “Take on” means undertake.
5 “Aging out” means becoming thirty-one, when they will no longer be RC young adults.


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