Grateful for Getting to Fight for Our Liberation

I attended a recent Young Adult Workshop led by Emily Bloch.1 It was powerful to keep discharging about racism. We worked on our relationships with each other and discharged about the current situation in the world. I had space to think about actions I want to take.

A highlight was wrestling and “sock wrestling” (group wrestling with the “objective” of taking off each other’s socks). Another was thinking about how to both set up good lives for ourselves and transform the world.

I’m aging out2 soon. It was powerful to have two minutes in front of the group to notice how important fighting for our liberation has been to me over the past decade. I am so grateful to have gotten to do this work.

Sarah Brodbar-Nemzer
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
and Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Reprinted from the RC e-mail discussion
list for leaders of young adults

1 Emily Bloch is the International Liberation Reference Person for Young Adults.
2 “Aging out” means becoming thirty-one, when I will no longer be an RC young adult.


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