To all my beloved, strong, brave, smart, playful, and powerful young people and young adults around the world

I thought about you today. I was waiting for the subway. It was half past nine at night and I was listening to some of my favorite music.

I was dancing a little to the music and feeling happiness bubble inside and not feeling in the least odd. And I thought of you.

I thought of all of us living in different parts of the world, creating change wherever we are. I thought of us all being connected and knowing that we are not alone in this changing.

I thought of myself as the strong, brave, smart, playful and powerful young adult woman that I am. I thought of myself in my role of leading the world toward the liberation of all younger people and of all people, and I thought about the people I had with me in that leading role. You People.

You inspire me.

You give me power.

You make me smile to the stranger with a tired face on the street.

You make me try to sort out what are my patterns and what would be smart, creative and contradicting1 to do. I can feel you all, wherever you are, doing the same as I constantly decide how I want my life, go after it,2 fail and succeed, re-decide and go after it.

As I discover and learn new things about myself, like an ever-growing puzzle.

I simply can’t think of anything more powerful than young people truly having each other. Young people working together, knowing their potential, gently taking the adults by the hand and leading the way into a society free of oppression.

With love always,and the highest regards,

Aurora Sofia Palm
Stockholm, Sweden

1 Contradicting of distress
2 “Go after it” means pursue it.


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