Part II, Fundamentals Teaching Guide­—Liberation

Part II of the Fundamentals Teaching Guide is being printed and will be available August 1.

Part I (published in 2007) is an outline of how a fundamentals class might be taught. It includes thoughts about organizing a class and doing an introductory talk about RC, and outlines for classes on twenty-seven topics (newly updated to include a class on care of the environment).

Part II, Fundamentals Teaching Guide­­—Liberation, consists of outlines for teaching basic liberation theory. These outlines were written by our liberation leaders and will be excellent resources for teaching about liberation theory to members of both the oppressed and the oppressor groups. Included in the Liberation Guide are the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Liberation Overview
  • African-Heritage Liberation
  • Artists’ Liberation
  • Catholic Liberation
  • Chinese-Heritage Liberation
  • Chicano/a Liberation
  • College and University Faculty
  • Liberation of People with Disabilities
  • Educational Change
  • Elders’ Liberation
  • Care of the Environment
  • Family Work
  • Frisian Liberation
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer,
    Transgender Liberation
  • Japanese-Heritage Liberation
  • Jewish Liberation
  • Korean Liberation
  • Language Liberation
  • Lawyers’ Liberation
  • Men’s Liberation
  • “Mental Health” Liberation
  • “Mental Health” Workers’ Liberation
  • Middle-Class Liberation
  • Musicians’ Liberation
  • Native/Indigenous Liberation
  • Owning-Class Liberation
  • Pacific Islander and Pilipino/a-
    Heritage People’s Liberation
  • Parents’ Liberation
  • Protestant Liberation
  • Puerto Rican Liberation
  • Regional and National Liberation
  • Raised-Poor Liberation
  • Southern Liberation
  • Trade Union Activists’ Liberation
  • Eliminating White Racism
  • Wide World Change
  • Women’s Liberation
  • Working-Class Liberation
  • Young Adult Liberation
  • Allies to Young People
  • Young People’s Liberation

Both publications are for RC teachers and those preparing to teach, but they are available to everyone.
Part II: $15.00 (U.S.), plus postage and handling
Part I: $25.00 (U.S.), plus postage and handling

Order from Rational Island Publishers.

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