Appreciating Present Time

The April issue of PRESENT TIME is splendid! Really wonderful! And we are enjoying, and already using, many hints from the articles. I would like to distribute the Japanese version of Jinno Aiko’s article, “The Launch of the Fukushima Project” to my RC Community here in Kyushu. Also, I would like to translate into Japanese, and similarly distribute, the awesome “Statement from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Co-Counselors.” Thanks again for the excellent issue.

Leah Matsui
Kumamoto, Japan

Having just reread Phyllis Bronstein’s article “Teaching on a College Campus” in the January 2013 PRESENT TIME, I was moved to search for her contact details so that I could e-mail her to show my appreciation of this special article. I was quite distressed to see that she had died on 29 December.

What an amazing legacy she has given us all—her calm reaction to intellectually challenging situations; her human understanding and patience; her determination, careful thinking, and expression.

Thank you Phyllis, and thank you PRESENT TIME.

Anson Allen
Carmarthenshire, Wales

PRESENT TIME is a joy to read. Only improved by all of our inviting photos.

Steve Banbury
Albany, New York, USA

The current issue of PRESENT TIME just arrived. It is fabulous (as usual).

Louisa Flander
Kew, Victoria, Australia

I believe it is now thirty years of PRESENT TIME (maybe a bit more), and thanks to the solid work of many RCers all over the world, the information continues to astound, uplift, often bring discharge, and sometimes point out the brilliance of my own thinking, when I see articles that state things that I have written in my journal.

Thank you for keeping the information current, wide in its inclusion, deep in its sharing of many personal matters, and loving in its tone but firm in its challenge to be our best.

Lynne Steinberg
St. Louis Park, Minnesota, USA

I was thrilled to see specific directions in this issue of PRESENT TIME for things like using the Index to PRESENT TIME that’s on the RC web site.

Susan Seibel
Oxford, Massachusetts, USA

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