Fundamentals Teaching Guide Part II (Liberation), Updates and Readings


Included here is an update to The Fundamentals Teaching Guide Part II (Liberation), that was made in 2016.  The Fundamentals Teaching Guide can be purchased from Rational Island Publishers

South, Central, and West Asian Liberation (pdf)

 Supplement to Fundamentals Teaching Guide Part II

Listed below are those readings referenced in The Fundamentals Teaching Guide, Part II that are not found in RC books or pamphlets.

African Heritage Liberation

Artists' Liberation

Catholic Liberation

The Liberation of Chinese Heritage People

College and University Faculty Liberation

Liberation of People with Disabilities

Liberation Policy for Educational Change

Elders' Liberation

Care of the Environment

Frisian Liberation

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Liberation

Jewish Liberation

Korean Liberation

Language Liberation

Lawyers' Liberation

Men's Liberation

Looking at Male Domination

"Mental Health" Liberation

Middle-Class Liberation

 An Introduction to Middle-Class Liberation

Musicians' Liberation

National and Regional Liberation

Native and Indigenous Liberation

Owning-Class Liberation

Pacific Islander and Pilipino/a Heritage Liberation

Native Liberation, Colonization, and Genocide

Parents' Liberation

Protestant Liberation

Puerto Rican Liberation

Raised-Poor People, Poverty, and Class Oppression

Southern United States Liberation

Trade Union Activists' Liberation

Eliminating White Racism

Wide World Change 

Women's Liberation

The RC Fundamentals of Working-Class Liberation

Young Adult Liberation 

Allies to Young People

Young People's Liberation

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