I've been trying to think about what I learned from Harvey by getting to work face to face with him at Personal Counselors for four years and relate to him as a Regional Reference Person for the fourteen years before that.

Working so closely with Harvey was a great experience for me. I loved every day, every hour, we worked together at Personal Counselors. I loved getting to see how he thought about things and applied his thinking in many different situations.

Harvey would share everything he knew, and thought, about RC and the world with every person who would listen. There was little he held back and reserved only for those people closest to him or for certain leaders. If Harvey had any idea that could possibly assist people to re-emerge, to handle things, to be human, he told it to everyone. He put himself and his mind completely out there and available to all of us -- through his writings, his workshops, his every contact with us. We all got Harvey's best. He went all the way, all the time, with almost everyone. I learned from him that we can be teaching everyone everything we know all the time, that it never makes sense to hold back any of what we know, or any part of who we are.

Diane Shisk
Seattle, Washington, USA


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