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I.3. Communications About RC Outside the RC Community

Basic communication about RC should be one-to-one. We try to thoughtfully share RC with all interested people, including those whom we think are likely to function well as Co-Counselors and contribute to our Communities and classes. (See Guideline B.2. Choosing New Co-Counselors.)

Co-Counselors who wish to communicate about RC for public distribution (beyond their family and friends) outside of the RC Community are asked to first discuss their projects with their RRP. This includes media (such as radio, podcasts, and so on), writing on any electronic media (such as websites, blogs, discussion lists), and online communities (see Guideline M.3. Electronic Communications). This also includes academic research and academic writings, published and unpublished. Local communications (for example, announcements or articles in newsletters or small-circulation newspapers or talks about RC on local talk-radio programs) should be approved by the Area Reference Person (ARP) in consultation with the RRP.

Reprinting an article published by Rational Island Publishers (RIP) outside of the RC Community requires permission from RIP. (See Guideline J.2. Duplication and Electronically Distributing RC Publications and Other Materials.)

Beyond the local level, the IRP must approve in advance any RC material that will be submitted for publication or shared in an interview. This includes material presented on any electronic media, such as websites, blogs, discussion lists, or online communities. (See Guideline M.3. Social Media and Communication Applications.)


People get an accurate idea of RC from their own experiences with it, from RC literature or presentations, or from the RC websites,, and Widespread publicity rarely gives the most accurate picture of RC to people who have not experienced a session.

All of us are encouraged to take responsibility for developing RC theory and creatively applying it to our counseling and life situations. It is important that the theory be accurately presented.

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