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B.2. Choosing New Co-Counselors

Co-Counselors are expected to use their own good judgment in choosing new people as Co-Counselors. We are committed to offering RC to a large and diverse population. As part of this effort, it is important that we make a thoughtful and sustained effort to share what we know with those with whom we already have caring and committed relationships (see 2022 Goal on Growth). We are also encouraged to have caring and committed relationships with a diverse range of people (see Guideline C.2. Goals of RC Classes). 

It is important that we try to choose people who can function well as Co-Counselors in a reasonable period of time. This could include people who can listen well, have some awareness of their struggles, and are open to trying the tools of RC. They also need to understand the peer-to-peer nature of RC and that it does not provide intensive support for someone struggling with heavy, acute, distresses.


In this period we are building our resources. We want to involve people who are thoughtful, aware, and able to contribute to RC in a short time. This facilitates the development of strong Co-Counseling Communities. It may create problems if we choose people whose distresses are beyond our current resources to handle. In addition, it is not helpful to raise people’s expectations for assistance from the RC Community when it cannot provide the resources they would need.

All Co-Counselors are free to communicate about RC one-to-one and offer someone assistance to the best of their ability, without permission or approval from anyone. To do so does not involve or draw upon the resources of the RC Community.

We want our RC Communities to reflect the diversity of the broader society, without being limited by societal oppressions.

We want to think well about people outside RC with whom we have committed relationships and others with whom we are in close contact with. When appropriate, we want to offer them the tools of Co-Counseling and the resources of the RC Community and thoughtfully support them to become Co-Counselors.

Re-evaluation Counseling can be made to work well when done thoughtfully—it is not a “wonder process” that can work without effort. Benefits are gained most quickly when Co-Counselors persist with the process and support each other in doing so.


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