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K.2. The RC Community Websites

The Community RC Website

The Community RC website <> supports the International RC Community by

  1. making information about RC theory and practice available;
  2. making forms and resources for classes and workshops available;
  3. promoting sales of RC literature and other items from Rational Island Publishers;
  4. providing information and guidance to people who otherwise lack access to RC theory and practice; and
  5. providing easy access to translated articles (see Guideline J.5., Translations of Publications).

The Community RC website is publicly accessible.

It should not have links to other websites. Local RC websites may link to it, but other websites are requested to not link to it (see Guideline K.3., Local RC Community Websites).

The “New-to-RC” Website

The “New-to-RC” website <> provides easily accessible introductory information about RC. Co-Counselors are encouraged to direct people new to RC to this website.


The Internet is an important communications tool, used by millions of people around the world. In most places, its low cost makes it useful for the communication of RC theory and practice.

The RC Community website can greatly help in the day-to-day operations of the International RC Community.

We avoid linking to other websites so that RC is not associated or confused with other groups and efforts. Preventing this

  1. gives people the best chance to understand RC for what it is—a logically consistent, unique system of thought and practice; and
  2. ensures that our one-point program (see Guideline A.3., The One-Point Program of the RC Communities) is not compromised by the appearance of association with other groups.

A separate “New-to-RC” website gives people access to well-organized introductory information about RC without overwhelming them with the large amount of information on the Community RC website.

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