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K.3. Local RC Community Websites

Local RC websites that support Organized Areas and Regions may be created with the permission of the International Reference Person (IRP) and must be hosted on the Community RC website’s server. The purpose of local websites is to inform local Community members about RC activities.

Area Reference Persons (ARPs) have overall responsibility for their Area’s website, and Regional Reference Persons (RRPs) for their Regional website.

Local websites are not to be used to publish articles. No Co-Counselor’s name, picture, or any other personal information is to appear on a local RC website without the Co-Counselor’s explicit written permission. Access to local RC websites is restricted to members of the local Community and is password protected.

For time-sensitive material and information for a particular audience, e-mail or phone is more direct and is more likely to reach the intended audience in a timely way.

Local RC websites should have a link to the Community RC website: <>. Local websites are not to be listed on public search engines or portals.


Contact and schedule information on websites can be useful for Community members. However, websites require people to actively visit the site to get the information.

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