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A.3. The One-Point Program of the RC Community

There is only one program of the RC Community that is binding on all Community members. This is to use RC to seek recovery of one’s occluded intelligence[4] and innate humanness and assist others to do the same.

All other activities undertaken by the Community are in support of this program. No agreement is required of Community members[5] beyond consistency with this program and support of the Guidelines. The Guidelines describe how to implement the one-point program. (See Guideline L., Use of the Guidelines.)


We are committed to offering all humankind the theory and practice of RC. Requiring agreement only on this one-point program makes it possible to offer RC to the largest number of people, of the widest diversity, and to continue to preserve our unity. Agreement on this one point is a minimum requirement for our working together.

The Guidelines describe the practices developed over time for building the RC Community on the basis of the one-point program. Many Co-Counselors choose to add other programs to this basic program of individual re-emergence, such as liberation[6] from oppressions[7] and programs of taking responsibility, taking charge, and taking power. This is by their choice. Agreement on the one-point program of re-emergence, and support of the Guidelines to implement it, is the only general requirement for Community membership. 

 [4]Intelligence is the ability to create a new, flexible, creative response to each new, present situation. Undischarged distress experiences interfere with this ability.

[5] A member of the RC Community is a Co-Counselor who assumes responsibility for helping the Community to function, by participating in and contributing to RC activities, supporting leadership, and assisting in the work of the Community.

[6] Liberation is the program and process of freeing oneself and one’s group from oppression.

[7] Oppression is the one-way systematic mistreatment of a group of people by the society, or by another group of people who serve as agents of the society, with the mistreatment encouraged or enforced by the society.

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