The Human Situation

by Harvey Jackins

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The Postulates of Re-evaluation Counseling

The Distinctive Characteristics of
Re-evaluation Counseling

Letter to a Respected Psychiatrist

The Communication of Important Ideas

The Complete Appreciation of Oneself 

Who's In Charge?

The Logic of Being Completely Logical

The Flexible Human in the Rigid Society

Human Liberation

Children Need Policy

The Nature of the Learning Process

The Necessity of Long-Range Goals

The Uses of Beauty and Order

Is Death Necessary?

The Teacher of Re-evaluation Counseling —
A New Kind of Communicator

The Art of Being a Client

Multiplied Awareness

The Elegance of Correctness

Leaders and Leadership

Pointing Attention Away From and
Against a Pattern

Co-Counseling for Married Couples

Theory and Policy


The Way We Develop

Allow Ourselves Time to Grow

Inviting New Friends to Co-Counseling


Intelligence can count the neighbors’ sheep,

Or bore two mountain tunnels so they meet,

Can shrewdly estimate the sun’s interior,

Or measure, well enough, galactic atoms

A million parsecs distant.

Close at hand

We’ve had more trouble grasping things that matter.



In our recorded or suspected history.


Wherethesmallgroup of us,byaccident

Were moved to let the healing process flow,

Assisting and not hindering for a change,

Some rifts in this confusion have appeared.


These are rifts only yet. Confusion still

Persists when humans try to think of humans,

But these few insights, though beginnings only,

When checked with mirrors, periscopes, and logic

Are quite worth passing on to one another.


These glimpses can be critical to progress,

Can give one’s effort purpose and direction

Much as the handlines staked for mountain traveler

Can guide to safety round the foggy steeps.

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