United to End Racism (UER) at the World Peace Forum June 2006

The World Peace Forum, June 23-28, 2006 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, was an international gathering of individuals, academics, social activists, groups and civic governments from cities and communities around the world to envision a living culture of peace and sustainability in our lifetimes.

UER sent a twenty-one person delegation to the Forum under the title United to End Racism: Healing from War, Working for Peace. UER held short workshops, led panels for Forum participants to talk about their experiences with war and making peace, offered support groups, and shared our knowledge, experience, and practice of the tools of Re-evaluation Counseling with the individuals and organizations we met.

UER workshops held throughout the Forum were on the themes of Healing From War, Healing the Damage Caused by Racism, Building Alliances Across National Lines, Building Alliances Between Jewish and Gentile Activists, and Veterans and Allies in the Peace Movement.  A schedule and description of these workshops can be found at http://rc.org/uer/UERWPFWorkshops.

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