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SAL/UER Videos

Racism and the Collapsing Society, Barbara Love and Tim Jackins, June 7, 2020

RC Webinars listing through December 2022

New Online Workshop Guidelines Modifications


Our Initiative on Climate Change

Taking a Needed Initiative, by Tim Jackins

Our Goal on COE

Goal on Care of the Environment and articles

Why RC Prioritizes Addressing Climate Change

Translations of the 2013 and 2017 Goal

Draft Policy and Program on Care of the Environment

Draft Policy on Care of the Environment

Thoughts in Support of the Draft Policy on Care of the Environment

Draft Program on Climate Change (short version, PDF)

Important Documentary

Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet – Netflix documentary (1 hr. 14 min.) This video presents the science behind a handful of tipping points (boundaries humanity can’t cross without triggering irreversible changes. (10-minute trailer)

Wide World Materials Developed by RCers

Our Climate Crisis and U.S. Militarism

Climate Action Shoreline brochure (page 2 below)


Resources on COE Work

Class outlines for teaching on COE

Experiences teaching about COE in RC classes

Racism and the Environment, PowerPoint Presentation

Articles on COE and Teaching

Stories of Hope and Courage

Our Environment (a digital publication)

RC Articles on COE Work

Sustaining All Life pamphlet, preface

Bringing Our Strengths as RCers 
to the Movement to Stop Climate Change
, by Diane Shisk

Racism, Genocide, Colonialism and Care of the Environment, by Russ Vernon-Jones

"Climate Moments" for your RC class (see article A Climate Moment in Every RC Class)

Climate Change and RC, by Tim Jackins and Diane Shisk

The Disproportionate Impacts of Climate Change, Diane Shisk, January 2019

An Introduction to Climate Change, by Diane Shisk, October 2018

Draft Policy on Care of the Environment

Thoughts in Support of the Draft Policy on Care of the Environment

Toward a New Goal on Care of the Environment, by Tim Jackin

Care of the Environment (summary from Fundamentals Teaching Guide II), by Wytske Visser 

Care of the Environment (article), by Wytske Visser

 COE Activities in Our Communities

Area Activities

Regional Activities

Activities by ILRPs and within Constituencies

Organizing Workshops with COE Tips

T-shirts, hankies, pamphlets, and posters

COE pamphlets, t-shirts, hankies

COE posters 

See also sections on Climate Change and Sustaining All Life

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