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Racism and the Collapsing Society, Barbara Love and Tim Jackins, June 7, 2020

RC Webinars listing through July 2021

New Online Workshop Guidelines Modifications


More Specific RC Techniques

  • Frameworks
  • Synopses
  • Counselor contradicting the client's distress
  • Client contradicting his or her own distress
  • Contradicting different components of the distress (tone of voice, facial expression, posture)
  • Taking a different role than usual in the recording
  • Telling the story--early memories
  • Making up stories, using fantasies for occluded material
  • Scorning fear
  • Over-exaggerating fear
  • Expressing terror cheerfully
  • "First thought"--flash answers Interrupting control patterns
  • Checking for identifications
  • Telling dreams
  • Speaking to God or to one's "dear departed"
  • Two people making lists of what each one wants in their relationship, etc.
  • Early sexual memories
  • Early memories about money
  • Early memories of people with a different skin color, religion, gender, etc.
  • Physical struggling with the counselor in an agreed-upon way
  • Attention to the counselor (to the environment when client has little attention available)
  • Random memories--factual memories, pleasant memories, little upsets
  • Rapid review of related experiences Re-telling an incident of powerlessness in a powerful role
  • Aware physical contact and closeness Appearing to "over-meet" a "frozen need"
  • Taking just a small step out of a heavy negative feeling ("I'm not the worst person who has ever lived.")
  • Standing guard
  • For stutterers: have them repeat the one word they never stutter to enthusiastic applause over and over
  • Exaggerated overagreeing with the content of the client's distress with a tone of great seriousness
  • "I wish" for... (stating goals)
  • "The generalized understatement"
  • The exchange of roles
  • The Reality Agreement
  • "You and me, counselor, completely close forever."
  • "I can."
  • "I will."
  • "I can and I will."
  • "Why do you love me, counselor?"
  • "All for one and one for all."

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