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Goals and Policies

The following four Goals and Policy Statements for the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities (1. Long-Range Goals of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities, 2. Policy for the Next Four Years, 3. Policy on Attacks, 4. Policy on Criticism and Gossip) were adopted by the World Conference in November, 1993. They are in part modifications and additions to the policy statements adopted by the World Conference of 1989, which were published with previous editions of The Guidelines.


As reaffirmed by the World Conference, November, 1993, Aptos, California, USA

  • The ongoing re-emergence of people presently practicing Re-evaluation Counseling. oThe acceleration of the rate of re-emergence of those RCers in a position to accept the challenge of rapid progress.
  • The improvement of communication and working relationships between all the people using RC insights.
  • The preservation of existing insights and theory from contamination and distortion by patterned intrusions.
  • The addition of new insights and the development of more profound and advanced theory.
  • The naturalization and spreading of the theory of, and insights into, Re-evaluation Counseling, and their use for the general human population.
  • The ending of all oppressions.
  • The elimination of national, religious, cultural, and language enmities.
  • The achievement of unity and cooperation between all groups of humans.
  • The reclaiming of complete freedom of decision by all RCers, and through their modelling, by all other humans.
  • The reclaiming of complete individual power by a significant number of, and eventually all, RCers, and their successful modelling of this for all humans.
  • The transformation of society to a rational, peaceful, non-exploitative, classless form world-wide.
  • The preservation of all existing species of life and the re-creation of extinguished species.
  • The preservation of wilderness areas and the creation of a completely benign environment over most of the earth, the oceans, and the atmosphere.
  • The exploration of, and eventually becoming at home in, space.

As added at the November, 1993 World Conference, Aptos, California, USA

  • The taking of responsibility for each conceived human from the moment of that human’s conception by the entire human society, in providing protection, nurturance, support, inspiration, assistance, and expectation to flourish to their optimum inherent capacity.
  • Complete responsibility for and the optimum use of, and recycling of, all the resources of the earth in the interests of all human beings and other life forms.
  • Preparation for possible world-wide disasters (such as strikes by asteroids or comets) to assure the most possible survival of life forms including humans.
  • The funding and encouragement of research to be prepared ahead of time for the occurrence of diseases threatening human life, such as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which are certain to arise in such large populations as we have attained.


As reaffirmed and modified by the World Conference, November, 1993, Aptos, California, USA

1) Eliminate nuclear, bacteriological, and chemical weapons from the world.
2) Establish a "unity of all humans" mentality as a dominant political thought in the majority of countries.
3) Establish RC Communities with effective leadership in every country of the world.
4) Translate and publish all RC theory in every language which has more than ten million speakers.
5) Upgrade our communications facilities with computer networks, facsimile machines, long-distance telephone conferencing, and expanded publishing facilities.
6) Centralize editing and decision-making for publication activities.
7) Establish organization and leadership for all ages of people based on biennial groupings by years of birth.
8) Establish mutual respect and support between all age groupings.
9) Establish numerical domination of RC membership and leadership by working-class RCers.
10) Establish a racism-free cadre of white RCers to model and lead the elimination of racism for whites everywhere.
11) Bring people of color into active leadership positions at all levels of leadership in RC.
12) Achieve an actual "no-limits" mentality and operating attitude for all women RCers.

As added at the World Conference of November, 1993, Aptos, California, USA:

13) Establish a norm or average growth rate for the number of RCers and the number of Areas of doubling at least every two years, and make persistent GROWTH a characteristic of all Community organizations.
14) Actually require the teaching of a fundamentals class, at least every year, for an RC teacher to retain certification.
15) Achieve the selling of bundles of PRESENT TIME or equivalent signing up of subscribers for PRESENT TIME or key available translations, as a taken-for-granted activity of every RC leader. Achieve the circulation and sale of liberation journals by RC teachers, support group leaders, City-wide Coordinators, and Wygelian leaders' meetings.
16) Reference People need to be bold in encouraging new teachers to teach and in issuing credentials.
17) Promote the full use of written information. Establish "literature advocates" in each Area whose job is to encourage full access to and use of written information, including assisting people to eliminate the hurts related to reading.

Policy on Attacks

As reaffirmed and modified at the World Conference of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities, November, 1993, Aptos, California, USA

1. Attacks on any member or leader are not attempts at correcting mistakes but rather dramatizations of distress. These are not acceptable behaviors within the RC Community. In this context, an "attack" may be either an organized attempt to disrupt the functioning of the Community or any smearing of an individual.

These are dramatizations of distress patterns, and while an underlying motivation may be to attract attention and ask for counseling help with the distress, this is not a workable procedure and is not acceptable behavior.

2. It is the job of all members of the RC Community to interrupt such attacks: this includes the interruption of gossip. In preparation, it is every member's job to counsel on whatever fears obstruct his or her ability to do so.

3. Counseling resource should be offered to those participating in such attacks only on the condition of first ceasing the attacks and apologizing for having participated in the attacks.

Policy on Criticism and Gossip

As adopted at the November, 1993, World Conference, Aptos, California, USA

In an effort to have a climate in RC that does not encourage gossip or attacks and allows for the legitimate correcting of mistakes and the interruption of patterns:

1. Any Co-Counselor who has an issue with a Co-Counseling leader's behavior, shall communicate the criticism directly to that person and seek a resolution, and not express such criticisms to anyone else inside or outside of RC.

2. If not resolved satisfactorily, or if confronting the person is too difficult, the criticism shall then be expressed to the Reference Person within whose jurisdiction both the criticizer and the object of the criticism function.

3. Criticisms, whether they arise from other RCers or from attacks coming from outside the RC Community, shall not be circulated to other RCers, neither as gossip nor in the guise of rehearsing upsets as a client in one's sessions.

4. If the issues of the criticizer have not been resolved with the appeal to the Reference Person, they then shall be taken to the next level of Reference Person but not spread through the Community.

5. If the issue of the criticizer is not resolved with appeals to the higher level of Reference Person, and if the criticizer continues to disrupt the RC Community, then that person should resign or be dropped from Re-evaluation Counseling. The important good work being carried on among Co-Counselors cannot tolerate disruption by continued attacks.


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