Men’s Oppression—and Supporting Women

There is no better time for men, both inside and outside of RC, to support women in their struggle against sexist oppression. Doing this will require an intelligent men’s movement that acts in support of women and their movement. I propose a Men’s Intelligent Initiative in Support of Women.

For such a movement to be intelligent, we men need to be aware of the deep distresses and cultural factors that underlie our (ancient) reactions to women when they speak out, and to discharge what keeps us from supporting their speaking out.

Consider this: a male person has to function within a straight linear path assigned to him by generations of others. This path forms the basis of and reinforces an ego-centered, competitive, acquisition-driven lifestyle in which a man is required to “prove” his worth. It is not a healthy life.

It is unhealthy partly because with the resulting distresses men are unable to derive full satisfaction from ordinary life and ordinary activities in everyday communities. They are dominated by a mode of existence in which no amount of wealth, power, or fame can bring genuine love and satisfaction. They are driven to preserve an old status quo. They become alienated from their own real inner strength and instead act out brutality and bullying. It is no wonder that the result is meaninglessness, emptiness, futility, and even absurdity. Also, no amount of external success can dispel or alleviate the alienation or isolation. Only extensive, deep discharge would allow a new perspective to emerge. This is what we are up against.

Men: Your worth is completely independent of your accomplishments or your wealth or property. Your inner self is the treasure. This self fully supports women!

Randy Smith

Portland, Oregon, USA

Reprinted from the RC e-mail
discussion list for USA political issues

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