RC Literature and Your Life

Re-evaluation Counseling literature is a marvelous way for people around the world to share their thinking and experiences. One of the wonderful things about RC is that it gives quiet, ordinary people a chance to share their best thinking.

At a recent workshop in Colorado, USA, Veronica LaCrue encouraged us to read Black Re-emergence, Sisters, Heritage, and Pensamientos as a start. You will have your own favorites.

If we take seriously our ability to make the world a better place, we need the disciplined use of RC literature. Paying attention to the journals and books will make our re-emergence, the building of our RC Communities, and our wide-world work easier.

Please have a session about the literature and share any of your good thinking.

Re-evaluation Counseling has journals on about twenty-five topics. Many of the journals keep updating draft policy statements that are a summary of a group’s liberation and are useful to everyone in being an ally to that group. Also, the earlier issues of every journal contain useful ideas we may miss if we just read the most recent issue.

There are over twenty RC books. The older ones contain solid ideas indispensable today. There are also RC pamphlets, CDs, DVDs, and posters. Some RC literature is available in more than thirty-five languages.

What can RC teachers do, what can each of us do, to encourage the use of RC literature?

Capitalism has most of us working long hours. It also offers to us addictions, spectator sports, twenty-four-hour “news,” video games, social media, cinema, and so on. It takes discharge and re-evaluation to remind ourselves that, oh yes, RC literature is a marvelous resource, available to us day or night.

Do you read RC literature aloud in your sessions? Try doing this once a week.

If you are among the majority of people whose first language is not English, what are your thoughts about and experiences with the literature?

For those of you who were raised poor or working class or are People of the Global Majority, what RC literature has been helpful to you? Have there been difficulties in using it?

I am planning to hold some RC movie nights for our Community. We will show short segments from several RC videos and do mini-sessions in between. You don’t have to charge money for an RC movie night, but you can ask for donations to the Re-evaluation Foundation (to help build RC around the world) or donations to buy more videos.

When RC teachers receive the RC Teacher Packets, they are expected to sell the literature in their classes. If you are an RC teacher, how’s it going? Have you had successes?

How has a piece of RC literature made a difference in your life?

Have you used one of the books by Harvey Jackins recently?

Let’s do some sessions, do some experimenting, and start an ongoing, fruitful discussion about the RC literature!

Steve Brown

Colorado, USA


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